Name : CLO SSFC Hilltopper 77Y
ASA# : 2628101
Sire : Upgrade
Dam : Clo Unique, Diva granddaughter

Hilltopper 77Y was our lead off bull at "The Herd Bull Select Sale" going to Jaron and Kevin Van Beek, Hilltop Simmentals, Hudson South Dakota. This beast hails from the powerhouse War Diva family that has produce "The Good Ones" for Cliff Orly as well as several breed leading herds in the U S and Canada. Hilltopper will add that big top, extra rib, and excellent phenotype all on a big sound foot. This stout yearling packs a loaded EPD profile with the performance to back it up. Hilltopper carries some sensible outcross genetics on the dam side and will surely help maternal as well as carcass traits in most herds.

Limited semen available 50.00 per straw,
10 unit minimum

Name : Felt Rodman 379Y
ASA# : 2613884
Sire : JSAR Mr Rodman 39HKR
Dam : By Felt Final Answer 376S

"The prototype for Phenotype" all in an outcross package! This 1/2 blood bull will improve the looks on most any cow herd. A sure bet outcross that will work good on Lucky Man, Dice, Macho, and Dream On cows. Rodman has a small amount white pigmentation on his face and will be a great choice for calving ease.

Semen available for fall breeding

Name : TJ Final Copy 267Z
ASA# : 2702145
Sire : SAV Final Answer 0035
Dam : TJ 34X - Ollie x Goldmine

Final Copy was our pick and a high selling lot at the Triangle J production sale.  Check his data in the ASA herdbook, and don't overlook his individual performance  and with-in herd ratio's in a large contemporary group. Top 5% in 8 measured traits. If you want to improve production in a PB cow herd, use a % bull, period. This pedigree insures us the maternal edge along with growth and carcass.

A limited amount of semen is available, 10 unit @ 600.00 or 20 unit @ 1000.00

Name : PRS Blazin Hot W192
ASA#: 2524433
Sire : Welsh's Do It Right
Dam : BF Maybelle K004

Blazin Hot is doing everything right, calves easy with explosive growth! We should be getting Carcass Merit data back this summer. Check out his ASA performance record at the extended pedigree link on the asa data base. He is being used in herds all across the country.

Semen available at Slate Farms & Cattle Vision